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The Root Canal Process 2017-05-02T07:35:09-04:00

There are so many search results from typing in “Marietta root canal or root canals Marietta” in the google search bar. How do you know which ones to read or pay attention to? Although google or any other search engine continuously tries to put the most relevant search results first, it can be confusing. Here at Verde Pointe Dental Associates in Marietta, we perform most root canals. The process of doing a root canal involves first determining that a root canal will be the best treatment option. Many times a patient will come into the office in pain or have an infection around the root tip of the tooth. At this time, we assess whether the tooth would be stable enough to have a root canal and be successful. We check for how much remaining crown structure is intact and if there is any visibility of cracks. When cracks are visualized, it may make more sense to actually take the tooth out and plan on an implant considering that many cracks can worsen making the tooth non-restorable anyway. The steps of performing a root canal usually involve accessing the canals, debriding and cleaning out all nerve tissue, bacteria and debris. Once all of the canals are instrumented to their final dimensions, a material is inserted into the canal after placing cement which seals the canals from a future invasion of any bacteria. After the canals are sealed, a post a build-up may be done which replaces the tooth structure that is missing above the gumline. In most cases a crown is placed afterwards to protect the tooth from fracture. Occasionally a crown may not be done if it is determined that the tooth has enough stability without one, usually anterior teeth.