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Man Has Tooth Extraction Out of His Nose 2017-05-02T07:35:09-04:00

Nose ToothA man suffering from frequent nosebleeds turns out to have a tooth in his nose causing the bleeding according to a report published in July 2014 in the American Journal of Case Reports.

The patient was a 22-year-old man from Saudi Arabia with a complete set of teeth in his mouth according to the journal.

Doctors determined the one centimeter, white, bony mass was a rogue extra-numerary tooth that just grew in the wrong place.  Although they are not uncommon, growing in the nasal cavity is unusual according to  the doctors at Verde Pointe Dental Associates.

It is not fully understood why some people develop extra teeth, as genetic factors may play a role.

The Marietta dentists are Verde Pointe Dental Associates will x-ray teeth at a dental cleaning to check for extra-numerary teeth in the mouth.  Should you have this problem, it would be their great pleasure to help you with the dental extraction.