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Do Your Old Fillings Need Replaced? 2017-05-02T07:35:09-04:00

Do you have old dental fillings in need of replacement?

Now-a-days dentists are using new technologies to help detect cavities and detrimental changes in tooth structure.  Many old fillings need replaced, as they crack and split apart from the tooth.

As old fillings crack and split apart from the tooth, these areas harbor bacteria causing decay to proliferate. This requires a dentist to drill out the decay and place a new dental filling.

Newer better dental materials not only match the tooth color, (tooth colored dental fillings), but are excellent, highly sophisticated restorations that can last many years before needing replaced.

Every filling is different, as every mouth is also different, creating diversity in longevity.

Reasons why fillings may last a different length of time.

1. Where the filling is placed in the mouth.

2. Chewing force on the tooth

3.  Bruxism, grinding and clenching of teeth

4. The amount of tooth structure removed due to decay.

5.  Regular dentist visits

Ignoring necessary replacement can complicate treatment and make it more costly in the end.  Do not wait until a tooth hurts or cracks.  You may then need a root canalor even a dental extraction requiring an emergency dentist.

The dentists at Verde Pointe Dental Associates believe in excellent oral hygiene.  Kirk Kimmerling DDS, Suzanna Aguilera DMD and Garrick McGrath DMD can examine your dental filling for determination of replacement.