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Amalgam Filling

A dental filling has been provided by Verde Pointe dentists for many years. They not only have years of experience but also attend training to stay up to date on the latest dental filling materials & techniques. We follow all HIPPA, OSHA & CDC guidelines to help ensure the best service. Each patient receives the individual attention they deserve and we have treated thousands of patients since 1982. We will work with your dental insurance and have financing options available. When you come to our office you will seldom see anyone waiting in the “waiting” area. Even if you arrive early we take pride to provide service “as soon as possible”. Feel free to call us @ (770) 423-4900.


Because humans are creatures of habits parents that haven’t been raised with good dental hygiene habits often feel cavities are a natural part of life. Dental cavities or “dental caries” are a fact of life for those families and fillings follow. That is why we recommend a child’s first dental visit at such a young age to establish good dental hygiene habits. Good dental hygiene & sealants can help prevent cavities what eventually most people get cavities. Establishing a treatment plan that fits your situation is part of the benefits of Verde Pointe Dental.


Amalgam fillings or silver fillings were common in the past; however, composite fillings have replaced them as a better alternative.


Amalgam fillings or silver fillings were common in the past. Amalgam forms a strong and stable filling made from a mixture of silver, copper, tin and mercury and were used for years as filling for cavities. Over time fillings deteriorate: cracking, chipping and or loosening allowing bacteria to attack the tooth. If you’re of the age that you may still have amalgam fillings they should be examined and likely replaced with composite fillings that look like natural tooth enamel.


Composite fillings are tooth-colored resins used to fill cavities. There are a number of filling types available with unique benefits and disadvantages. Composites are used to fill cavities and are used in cosmetic situations to change the color or reshape disfigured teeth. The dentist knows which composite to use in which situation to offer the best benefits for you.