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World’s Most Expensive Dentures 2017-05-02T07:35:11-04:00
Dentures, Wolds Most Expensive Dentures

Dentures, Wolds Most Expensive Dentures

A dentist from Dubai has crafted a denture of 24 pure carrot gold and 160 diamonds worth a staggering $152,700, as confirmed by the World Diamond Institute in Belgium.  The creator Dr. Majd Naji from Liberty Dental Clinic is donating a portion of the profit to a charity Dubai Autism Center for children. A large piece of the proceeds from the sale will go to the charity.

The glittering denture is for fashion and show only, as it is not to be worn while eating.

Dr. Naji made the denture because people from the United Arab Emirates were dubbed the World’s Happiest People, so why not create a beautiful smile to match.

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