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Specialty Dentures 2017-05-02T07:35:11-04:00

Millions of Americans wear dentures to replace their missing or extracted teeth. While they began as bulky accessories for the elderly, technology has provided us with lightweight synthetic teeth that mimic the look and feel of natural teeth. Kirk Kimmerling DDS and Suzanna Aguilera DMD can help form your perfect dentures in Marietta, GA, so schedule a consultation today for more information!

Not all dentures require the extraction of every tooth. There are partial and full dentures available. Partial dentures only replace a small section of teeth, and help stop natural teeth from shifting position or becoming crooked. Full dentures are meant to replace an entire set of teeth, upper and lower.

After deciding the type and style of dentures, a mold of the patient’s mouth is made and a set of dentures is customized for the individual. Partial dentures have pink gum-like bases with replacement teeth attached, and clasps to attach to the teeth. There are some clasps made from natural-looking materials that are barely noticeable, and in some cases a crown can be installed on a healthy tooth as a place to hold the clasp.

Normally after the impression is made, a temporary set of dentures is created so the patient can ensure the fit, color, and shape. Dentures that fit well may still have some trouble staying in place. In these cases, a bit of adhesive can be helpful, but if the dentures are old or misshapen, they should be professionally adjusted or replaced.

Taking Care of your Dentures

Although today’s dentures are made from very advanced materials, they still require strict maintenance such as daily cleaning. Plaque, food particles, and other debris can still lead to infections, irritation, or other oral hygiene issues. It is important to brush your dentures at least twice daily. You can use soap and water, a slightly abrasive toothpaste, or denture pastes and creams. Use a soft-bristled brush to avoid scratching or cracking your dentures. Abrasive pastes and hard bristles can harm dentures.

It is equally important to soak your dentures in a denture solution each night. Use a commercially available product such as Efferdent.

Denture care tips




  • Brush twice daily

  • Soak in denture solution nightly

  • Use a soft-bristled brush

  • Use soap & water, or slightly abrasive paste

  • Use hard bristle toothbrush

  • Abrasive pastes

Just as with regular teeth, you should get your dentures professionally cleaned by your dentist. For help selecting the best dentures in Marietta, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kimmerling and Dr. Aguilera today!