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Dentures Marietta, Dentures Atlanta.


In Marietta, Affordable Dentures have been provided by Drs Kimmerling & Aguilera for many years.  They not only have years of experience but also attend training to stay up to date with the latest technologies, procedures, and techniques.  We offer Valplast flexible dentures.  We follow all HIPPA, OSHA & CDC guidelines to help ensure the best service.  Each patient receives the individual attention they deserve, and we have treated thousands of patients since 1982.  We will work with your dental insurance and have financing options available.  When you come to our office, you will seldom see anyone waiting in the “waiting” area.  Even if you arrive early, we take pride to provide service “as soon as possible”.  Feel free to call us @ (770) 423-4900.

Dentures are a custom made of a removable plate or frame that replaces missing teeth and holds one or more artificial teeth.  When teeth are lost, bone loss also occurs, impacting facial features which are why people without teeth look older.  They may improve your smile and help look younger.  They can be taken out for cleaning; however, they may slip out unless particular attention is given.  They make it easier to eat and speak than without teeth – things that have often been taken for granted.  They never feel the same as natural teeth and take some time to get used to, but ours are natural looking and more comfortable than ever.

Denture Costs

Initially, dentures cost less than other options such as dental implants; however, there is more maintenance, repairs, and replacements over a lifetime. Long term they cost more, and we recommend other options if the patient can afford those options.

Denture Repair

Repair is one of the advantages of Verde Pointe Dental.  Fewer repairs happen because we maintain the latest technologies, procedures, and techniques.  But when repairs are needed fast repairs are critical.  For our patients with our dentures, expedited repairs are available. Feel free to call us @ (770) 423-4900.

Partial Dentures

Partials only replace a small section of teeth and help stop natural teeth from shifting position or becoming crooked. Also known as a removable dental bridge, “partials” have replacement teeth attached to a gum-colored plastic base connected and kept in place by a metal framework.

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