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Expect Excellent Crowns, Bridges and Implant Crowns with Trios

We are proud to announce the addition of a CAP 3Shape Trios Color Scanner.  Introducing a significantly smaller, lighter and faster version of an award-winning intraoral scanner.  A recent independent study at the University of Zurich, concluded the TRIOS intraoral scanner to be the most accurate device of its kind.

Trios Color Scanner“Our dental office has invested in technology so patients receive the best possible dental crowns and bridges.  We originally purchased the Cadent iTero scanner, moved to the 3M True Definitions Scanner and now are proud to announce the addition of a CAP 3Shape Trio Color Scanner. Each addition was an advancement for the patients.”  The doctors believe each move was a significant advancement.

Dental crowns, Caps, bridges, and dental implant crowns have more accurate fits, a better color match, and provides quicker scans without the traditional impression material that no one misses.

Verde Pointe Dentists use the Trios for crown and bridge dentistry for four main reasons;

1. More precise and accurate digital impressions for better results.

2. Trios can handle the more difficult cases; long-span bridges, multi-unit restorations, and full arch dentistry.

3. Has a clinically proven fit rate of 99.7%.

4. Eliminates the need for most retakes and adjustments, keeping the patient from return dental visits.

Marietta dentists give options to replace missing teeth.