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Crowns and Bridges 2016-01-05T04:08:49-04:00

Crowns are dental appliances often used to restore or enhance the look and function of the patient’s teeth. If you are looking for dental crowns in Marietta and Kennesaw, look no further! Our extensive dental services include a variety of procedures.


Crowns are synthetic caps made from something such as porcelain, and they are placed on top of the tooth. After restorative procedures, such as a root canal, crowns are used to restore the tooth’s natural function and appearance. Occasionally tooth decay calls for removal of portions of the tooth, and in this case crowns can be used to restore the tooth. Crowns are also used to attach bridges, cover implants, protect a cracked tooth, or strengthen an existing filling, and can be used whenever there are stains or discoloration. Crowns and veneers are sometimes confused, but they are not the same thing. Veneers cover up very small areas, while a crown completely covers a single tooth.

Caring For Your Crowns

Just like most things in life, your crowns will last longest with proper care. A quality crown should last eight years or more. Brushing regularly and flossing in the area of the crown is essential. The area around the restoration is prone to plaque buildup and collection of debris. There are many foods and conditions that can compromise the integrity of a crown and shorten its life. Jaw clenching and teeth grinding can damage the crown, and brittle or hard foods can affect the adhesion.

If you think your crown is losing adhesion, or if it feels chipped or damaged, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kimmerling and Dr. Aguilera, your local Marietta dental crown and bridge specialists.


Dental bridges for Kennesaw and Marietta are natural-looking dental appliances that can replace a section of missing teeth. Because they are custom-made, bridges are barely noticeable and can restore the natural contour of teeth as well as the proper bite relationship between upper and lower teeth.

Bridges are sometimes referred to as fixed partial dentures, because they are semi-permanent and are bonded to existing teeth or implants. Some bridges are removable and can be cleaned by the wearer; others need to be removed by a dentist.

Porcelain, gold alloys or combinations of materials are usually used to make bridge appliances.

Appliances called implant bridges are attached to an area below the gum tissue, or the bone.

Get your dental bridges in Kennesaw and Marietta today.