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Are Your Gums Healthy and How Would You Know 2017-05-02T07:35:10-04:00

Do you ever wonder how healthy your gums are?  Is brushing and flossing daily enough and how would you even know?  Should you be getting more professional cleanings than once a year?  These are questions we all ask ourselves when it comes to proper oral hygiene.

Proper hygiene results in strong and healthy gums.  Research shows that 19 out of 20 people suffer with some type of gum disease.  Ignoring gum issues can become not only costly but traumatic.  The two main types of gum disease are gingivitis and periodontal disease.  Gingivitis and periodontal disease can lead to swollen, sore, bleeding and infected gums.  The gum tissues that support teeth, when not properly cared for can result in tooth loss.  Gingivitis is the beginning stages of gum disease and can be reversed if caught and treated properly.  Gingivitis can lead to the more serious periodontal disease.  Periodontal disease usually leads to major tooth loss in adults.

Gum disease is usually caused by plaque.  It’s a sticky film that is full of bacteria that accumulates on the teeth and gums.  Brushing and flossing at least twice daily helps remove plaque from teeth and gums.  If bleeding occurs while brushing, this means that there are pockets of bacteria on teeth and gums.  It’s important to brush the bacteria away to reduce bleeding and get gums back to health.  Once on a great regular oral routine, bleeding while brushing and flossing should stop around two weeks.  If gum disease is suspected, then it’s important to get a professional cleaning and checkup.  Your dentist may take x-rays to make sure there is no bone loss in supporting teeth.  He will come up with a treatment plan to get oral hygiene on track.  Gum disease is easy to avoid if the right hygiene from the start.

Brushing teeth and gums twice daily is vital to good oral hygiene.  Flossing removes bacteria between teeth, as it also plays a huge part in proper hygiene.  Taking care of gum is important and will benefit you the rest of your life.