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Comfortable Patients are the Most Important Factor 2017-05-02T07:35:09-04:00

A patient being comfortable during a dental visit is the most important factor to our dentist office. We understand how uncomfortable and scared patients can be, which can result in nervous behavior or a cancellation and undone treatment.  Our dentists provide the extra care to get the necessary dentistry completed.

It’s important for our patients to have a good experience from the time they walk in the door until checking out to leave. That’s why our dentists and staff strive to provide a pleasant experience while relieving patient anxiety.

Our dentists think it ideal to invite patients in for a professional cleaning as an initial meeting. This allows the patient to ask questions which helps alleviate stress building up.  It also allows our patients to be more informed dental patients, because the patient has a chance to talk to the dentist and dental assistants, getting informed, getting comfortable and gaining trust. We use the opportunity to find out about any previous dental or medical history.

Our office takes x-rays and intra-oral pictures of patient’s mouths to see exactly what is going and dental conditions occurring.  We always tell patients to give us a hand signal they can use if any pain or discomfort occurs.  This gives you, the patient a sense of control, and also may relieve some anxiety.

We try to remind patients that our dental office is highly trained and their procedure is done daily and not a big deal.  Most patients hype themselves up to think more than the actual procedure is.  However, we make the patients aware of procedures and what steps need to be taken.  This way you are prepared and not surprised.  Modern dentistry has come so far, ensuring the best possible experience, and that’s true for every patient.  Making sure you are comfortable is the first step to establishing a long term patient relationship.