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Anxiety Aside 2016-01-05T04:44:48-05:00

Do you ever wonder about what tips can be done for beautiful teeth and gums?  First, most peoples have fears or anxiety about visiting the dentist.  It’s important to encourage yourself to be calm about dental visits.  Dental checkups allow the dentists to check hygiene and give tips on how to have a better daily oral routine.  Communication is key so make sure to express any anxieties you may be feeling.  The goal of our dentists is to help you have the best possible oral health.  Let’s talk about what you can do.

Flossing before brushing is a more effective routine.  Flossing loosens or removes any food and bacteria between teeth.  Make sure to brush after to finish removing food, plaque and unwanted bacteria.  It’s important to remove food and bacteria so decay or gum disease doesn’t occur.  It’s ideal to replace a toothbrush every three to six months.  A toothbrush bristles can become flattened and frayed over time, making it less effective.  A toothbrush can also start to harvest germs so be sure to properly rinse it after each use.

It’s very important to take care of the tongue.  The tongue can harvest bacteria that cause foul smelling breath.  Make sure to take the time to brush or scrape the tongue during the daily oral routine.  Bacteria filled buildup on the tongue can also cause infections or sores.  Be sure to brush the tongue to fresh breath.

It’s very important to be aware of the health of the mouth.  Great oral hygiene is vital to maintaining good health in general.  Along with home care, make sure to schedule professional cleanings and checkups regularly to ensure oral hygiene it on track.

Our dentists would be happy to discuss any issues you have concerning dental treatment and anxiety issues.  Our office prides itself on putting the patient’s best interest first.