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“It’s Our Marietta Dental Staff” 2017-05-02T07:35:15-04:00

Marietta Dentist Staff

It’s Our Marietta Dental Staff – Not Our Technology

What feelings come to mind when you think of your current Marietta dental staff?  Hopefully there are at least some good memories.  What things would you want in your whole dental experience now?  Dentistry has changed so much that procedures and materials we use now, were only imagined 50 years ago.  But with all this technology of implants, digital radiography, and 3D scanners, etc. many people may not want to forget the down home familiarity they had with their dentist’s staff.  Many remember the time and attention their dentist took to talk with them when they were a kid about school and growing up.  Our Marietta dental staff has influenced children to become a dentist, and for that we are proud. We care about each and every patient.

Our Marietta dental office has advancements in dentistry that would fascinate many patients.  However, our staff does not get caught up in the efficiency and fast pace nature that lives in our culture.  We try to meld modern dentistry with the kind and welcoming atmosphere that many dentists of the past were able to master.  You are welcome here, like we would welcome our family.  We do it all and we are here for you.

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