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Good Oral Hygiene Starts In Infancy 2017-05-02T07:35:10-04:00

Since tooth decay is a rampant childhood disease, it is important to begin proper oral hygiene early in life says Marietta dentist Kirk Kimmerling DDS.  Bacteria and plaque can buildup even in an infants mouth and before the first tooth appears.  Regular cleansing of your newborn’s gums with a wet cloth can help remove the buildup.

Cloth cleanings are best done after a baby feeds.  After your baby’s teeth begin to erupt, they are at risk for decay.  Never put your baby to bed with a bottle containing sugary substance, such as juice.  Sugar feeds bacteria causing decay.

Once your child has teeth, it  is time to begin a brushing routine.  Just like an adult, it is important to brush twice a day for two minutes. Toothbrushes are available that better fit a child’s small mouth.  These toothbrushes have extra-soft bristles.  This will help accommodate your child’s tender tissue.

Many children develop cavities that are not diagnosed until the first dental visit.  Tooth decay is more common than childhood asthma and many children actually develop gingivitis, swollen gum tissue.

It is important to examine your baby’s teeth as you brush. If brown spots or any other concern develops, a trip to the dentist would be wise. He will be able to access the child’s situation and perhaps develop a better hygiene routine for your child.

Good oral hygiene is important to establish when your child is an infant. Teaching your child good routines may help your child keep their teeth a lifetime.