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Emergency Dentist & Toothaches

Toothache? Call your emergency dentist - Kirk Kimmerling!

Toothache? Call your emergency dentist – Kirk Kimmerling!

The condition is called pulpitis.   It can be due to trauma, decay, or infection.  Pain can come in spurts or ache continually radiating into the jaw, cheek or ear.

Let’s examine when it is time to seek dental treatment:

1. The tooth aches upon pressure or biting.

2. The tooth is sensitive to hot and cold.

3. There is swelling around the tooth and face.

4. The gums present a small hole called a fistula for drainage.

5.  The gums bleed or appear receding.

6. Fever along with a toothache.

If a dental visit is necessary, the dentist will require a medical history before he examines your mouth.  He will usually take an x-ray called a periapical of the aching area.  Sometimes it is necessary to take a Panorex x-ray to allow a broader view of the teeth and jaw.  Many times, the tooth will require root canal therapy or an extraction to alleviate the discomfort.  The dentist may prescribe an antibiotic or pain reliever if the problem is severe.  Many times, over-the-counter pain medicines may be used and can be effective.  If a root canal is performed, it will require a separate procedure called the final filling.  Sometimes it can be done in the same visit as the root canal.

It is wise to schedule a follow-up dental cleaning after a toothache has resolved. It will allow other needed procedures to be diagnosed before they become painful and costly.  Good home care and routine dental cleanings make good sense.  Marietta dentists Kirk Kimmerling DDS sees emergency patients and is happy to alleviate your pain.