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Are you worried that you need emergency dental care? Sometimes, you may not even know what constitutes a dental emergency. Many people often ask, What is a dental emergency? In that situation, the best thing to do is contact Marietta emergency dentists, Kirk Kimmerling DDS or Suzanna Aguilera DMD, your local dental emergency clinic, for next steps.


For major emergency care or life-threatening emergencies, call 911.Dentist Marietta GA Coupon

Sports injuries, minor accidents and even daily activities can cause dental emergencies. We know that accidents can even happen on the weekend, when most dental offices are closed. If you need immediate assistance, call our office 770-884-2921 for after-hours care. Let us determine how we can help you as soon as possible!
Please look over this list of the most common dental emergencies for some tips that can help with dental emergencies, you until you come in for your Verse Pointe Dental appointment:

• What to do if you have knocked out a tooth:

Stop the bleeding by using a clean, cool, wet cloth and holding it to the area. If the bleeding is draining down the throat, stay seated and do not stand up or lie down. The blood will begin to clot and after a few minutes. It is important to keep holding the cloth to the area to stop the bleeding for about 5-10 minutes.

• What to do if the cap on your tooth comes off:

Save the cap and affix it with a temporary bonding solution (found in the denture isle at drug stores). Use the bonding solution for a temporary cap repair until the day of your appointment. If the cap remains loose, and inhibits your ability to chew, take it off of the tooth and bring it with you to your appointment.

• What to do for a chipped tooth:

A chipped tooth cannot be replaced. Once a tooth is broken, it cannot be re-attached to the original tooth. But there are lots of options for tooth repair! We will need to see you and evaluate the damage of your tooth to make a plan for repair. Call our office to make an appointment: 770-884-2921. We will tell you about all your options after we look at the damage.

• What to do about tooth pain or mouth pain:

There are a lot of reasons why your mouth may hurt in a certain area, or why your tooth may ache. You may know that you had a filling come loose, needed a new filling or a root canal, and that this is what caused the pain. However, you may know nothing about the tooth pain or why it started! For immediate pain relief, you can use over the counter pain relief such as ibuprofen (Advil) or Acetaminophen (Tylenol). Both of these medicines have generic brands and come in a liquid or a pill form. For an appointment for tooth pain or mouth pain, please call our office.

• What to do for gum pain:

Over the counter pain remedies (as mentioned above) can help numb the nerve centers of your gums and mouth to help you tolerate the pain until advanced dental care is received. For localized gum pain, you can get a pain relieving gel called Orajel (Benzocaine). This gel will help numb area of the gums until you can get to Verse Pointe Dental Care for your appointment.
If you need emergency dental care, or emergency cosmetic dentistry, please tell us your concerns when you call our office and make your appointment. We will try to get you in as quickly as we can and correct the problem.