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Are Dental Implants Painful? 2017-05-02T07:35:10-04:00

Dental ImplantAre dental implants painful? – Not at Verde Pointe!  Many people with missing teeth are asking their dentist about dental implants.  They have become the option of choice.  However, many patients are concerned if placing dental implants is a painful process.

The short answer is: not for most.  However, for those that are anxious or suffer anxiety, nitrous-oxide gas is available.  The comfort of our patients is a big concern.  As with any procedure, every patient is different, so some may experience discomfort following the appointment.  Most patients experience little pain following their appointment, and they don’t need strong pain medication. Ibuprofen is all they use.  Most are well enough to go to work the next day if it doesn’t involve exertion.

Let’s take a look at how the implants will work.

Dental implants can be a single new tooth or replace many missing teeth or even anchor a complete denture.  Regardless of whether it is an implant crown, bridge, or denture, they can result in a natural look. Many people become excited that the procedure eliminates the need for adhesives and denture creams that were once necessary, reducing pressure sores on gums.

If you are considering dental implants but are putting it off because you are afraid of the pain, the Marietta dentists at Verde Pointe Dental Associates can help you through Drs. Kirk Kimmerling, Suzanna Aguilera and Garrick McGrath.