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What are Veneers and Should I Get Them? 2017-05-02T07:35:09-04:00

Many patients may come in our office and ask, “Should I get dental veneers or crowns to make my smile better”. They mention movie stars that have great smiles and that they have heard that they got crowns or veneers. Both can be treatment planned for cosmetics, for functionality or for both. Generally, dentists will treatment plan veneers and crowns when they are truly needed cosmetically and functionally since working on any tooth for any reason has the potential to cause sensitivity. Veneers are (Marietta dental veneers) are very conservative as far as how much tooth structure is removed to create space for the veneers. Even though it is conservative, it is not reversible. The veneer is about the thickness of a potato chip and allows the form and color of the anterior teeth to be improved. The veneers, made out of ceramic are cemented onto the front surface of the teeth creating a drastically improved appearance. Crowns (Marietta dental crowns) are treatment planned to protect the remaining tooth after large fillings have been done or to drastically change the shape of the tooth. A portion of the tooth is removed from the entire crown creating adequate space for crown strength. The technological advancements in ceramics have improved the strength of the materials used and have made the esthetics of crowns and veneers almost undetectable from the natural teeth. Veneers are weaker than crowns just by the nature of the design. It is prudent to take care of crowns and veneers in the front by not biting into hard or crunchy foods with your front teeth. Just like any restorations in the mouth, it is important to have good oral hygiene to prevent decay at the edges of the veneers or crowns.