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Veneer Solutions 2016-01-05T15:43:15-05:00

Are you troubled about the apperearance of your teeth?  Do you have a big event coming and want a beautiful smile?  Veneers can be the perfect solution to create a perfectly aligned, symmetrical, white smile say Marietta, GA dentist.  Dental veneers are custom made, thin shells of tooth colored material used to cover the front part of teeth.  The thin shells are bonded to the front part of the tooth to change the color, length, size and shape.  Dental veneers can be used not only for aesthetic purposes but also for damaged, chipped or broken teeth.  They look very natural due to the tranlucent quality of the ceramic materials available today.  No matter what may be the cause of unattractive teeth, dental veneers might be able to solve cosmetic dental issues.  Temporary dental veneers can be applied to unattractive teeth for an additional cost.

Now let’s take a look at the procedure…

The dental veneer procedure can often be finished in three office visits.  The first visit usually is a consultation so an explaination of options and what results are trying to be achieved.  Your dentist will then take a look at your mouth to make sure that dental veneers are appropiate for you and explain their thought of action.  An x-ray or impression may also be taken.  The impression model is sent out to a dental laboratory where the actual veneers are constructed.  It usually takes one or two weeks for to recieve the veneers back from the dental laboratory.

Now its time to prepare the teeth for the procedure…

Your dentist will remove approximatley a 1/2 millimeter of enamel from the tooth surface which is about how thin the actual veneer applied is.  A local anesthetic to numb the area is usually dicussed between the doctor and patient to decide if it is necessary before anything is done.

Next step is to bond the dental veneers…

The veneers will be temporaly placed and removed so they can be trimmed for the best fit.  The color of the veneer is also determined and can be adjusted with the cement that is used to bond it to your tooth (or teeth).  The tooth (or teeth) will be prepared for actual application.  The tooth (or teeth) are cleaned, polished, and etched which makes the surface rough for a strong bonding process.  A special cement is applied to the dental veneer and carefully placed on your tooth.  Once postioned properly, a special light is used which activates the cement to cure and harden very quickly.  The extra cement is removed and final adjustments are made to ensure they are properly placed.  Once finished, smile because you have a beautiful smile.

Your last visit will be in a couple of weeks to check how your gums react to the veneer(s).  The doctor will also examine to make sure the veneer(s) placement still looks accurate.

Having a bright white beautiful smile ensures confidence.  Here are some advatages of dental veneers…

-Natural tooth appearance

-Stain Resistant

-You can pick veneers that are whiter than your teeth to get that bright smile

-You can change the shape of your tooth

The benfits of dental veneers help you achieve a great friendly smile which goes a long way saysMarietta dental veneers dentist.