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Are Dental Veneers For You? 2017-05-02T07:35:09-04:00

One of the most asked about smile changing procedures is our dental veneers.  “It is a procedure that can make an exciting difference in a person’s smile,” says Kirk Kimmerling DDS.

While many people are able to benefit from dental veneers, they must have a healthy foundation for a good result. If an advanced periodontal condition or unstable bite is present, veneers may not work well. People that have an overbite or flared out teeth, many times veneers add unwanted bulk to teeth giving an undesirable result.  On the other hand, patients with teeth that inclined slightly toward the tongue are the best candidates for dental veneers, since they won’t look as bulky when the veneers are placed.

Veneers can be extremely thin. However, adding even the thinnest veneer can sometimes make a smile look bulky. In such cases, we might recommend to our patients that the tooth is reduced or contoured prior to the placement of the veneer. Our trained dentists take a very conservative approach when reducing teeth, and will only recommend tooth reduction when it is necessary and in your best interest of your smile.

Our dentists understand that fear of the dentist is quite common. That is why we have designed our Marietta office with comfort in mind.  Just like our reputation, visiting our Marietta dental office is more than a “wow” experience. From the moment you enter our doors, you are welcomed by our art gallery, the sound of a soothing waterfall, and our amazingly beautiful office, all designed to help relieve anxiety. We seat patients at their appointed time, which doesn’t allow anxiety to build while waiting.  We have nitrous oxide that can be used at any appointment.During your treatment, you will be pampered by our highly trained, certified dental assistants with warm blankets, headphones or television channel of choice for a more positive experience.  Your comfort is our concern.

At our office, everything we do is about helping you achieve the smile you desire while enjoying the process. Call our office to schedule a consultation on dental veneers today.  We would be happy to give you the smile you have always desired.